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Africa Global Radio is an Online Radio Station and Multi-Media Production House based in Ghana. Leveraging multi-media production capabilities and studio services, Africa Global Radio is changing the narrative on Africa by providing a global online radio station platform that tells the continent’s powerful stories through the creation and promotion of empowering and inspiring content on the diverse African narratives and the Black experience.

What We Offer

Audio & Video Production

Africa Global Radio produces video and audio content for businesses to tell their powerful stories that resonate across our global online communications platform and other targeted African audiences.

Live Programming

AGR uses authentic African voices to inspire and empower, producing live programmes that offer fresh perspectives and highlight relatable examples of struggle, resilience, progress, brilliance and excellence to change Africa’s narrative on the continent and globally.


All of Africa Global Radio’s shows are available to listen to live or to playback at your own convenience. Beyond that, in collaboration with fantastic podcasters across Global Africa, a pool of podcasts are available to be enjoyed.

Why Collaborate with us


Africa Global Radio is ready to engage in collaborative productions, creating compelling content with Creatives, Arts Organisations, Media Houses & Agencies, Universities, Social Enterprises, Development agencies etc. across the continent, and in the Diaspora that serves our shared audience. 

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We are equally dedicated to featuring content that demonstrates the diversity of the Black experience. With this objective in mind, we are enthusiastic to use our platform to promote like-minded content to our audience that has already been created and exists in the public domain. We invite you to share your perspectives, blogs, articles, poems, proverbs, photos, paintings, fashion & design, music playlists and stories of struggle, resilience, progress and brilliance. Contribute by telling our story, sharing our growth and showing how we are mapping out and realizing our future.

Reach out to discuss and explore the possibilities.

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