Africa Global Radio

We are a global online platform promoting the diversity of positive African stories to a global African audience and the ‘Africa Conscious’.


To become a global player in providing authentic voices on Africa and the Black experience.


To become a global player in inspiring transformational change by producing, showcasing positive and empowering narratives on Africa and the African Diaspora.

We believe we need more African voices telling Africa’s story. We believe positive programing and articles, which demonstrate progress and brilliance, will have a positive impact on Africa’s youth who are instrumental in building the Africa we want. We are on a mission to motivate Africans across the continent and diaspora to become consumers and emulators.

We focus on pushing and promoting Creative Arts, News & Business, Lifestyle & Entertainment, History & Academia.

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Meet Our Frontliners

Barry Musa

Musa Barry

I am an enthusiast in any setting I find myself in but I joined AGR because of the high value it places on positive change and how it seeks to reignite the greatness of the cradle of civilization.

Look out for me and the AGR family for compelling narratives on our diverse cultures across Mama Africa. on the Africa Daily Show. Our Story. Our Growth. Our Future.

Epiphania Enya Djokoto-Gligui

Epiphania Enya Djokoto-Gligui

Progress, which leads to development, is always good news for me, it brings me joy!

In a world where the media tends to be more interested in negative coverage on African countries, it is absolutely necessary for the bigger story to be brought to light and this is a core value of Africa Global Radio.

Join me telling the good stories that are mapping our continent’s development, the African way.

Maame Aba Amoah-Mintah

Maame Aba Amoah-Mintah

I am a proud black girl whose eyes have been opened to what an amazing continent Africa is ever since joining the AGR Team; from the people to the music, the fashion, the books, the films, the amazing discoveries and most importantly, the very beautiful places to see.

Join me, on the Africa Daily show. I am the  What’s On, What’s New guru on this ongoing journey, sharing the greatness of our continent with the newest voice of Africa on the block.

Alhassan Hafiz Gunu

Alhassan Hafiz Gunu

I am a young man blessed with a curious mind and an insatiable thirst for knowledge that found a home and purpose at Africa Global Radio. An outfit at the forefront of a relentless crusade to inspire change in a media culture across the continent accustomed to negative reporting. Can’t think of a more noble and worthy cause to apply myself. 

Join us as we embark on a journey to becoming the change we wish to see.