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Build and enhance your brand narrative by creating 21st Century Africa with Us. Let’s help you tell your story, we offer multiple platforms & multiple branding opportunities with unlimited visibility.

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AGR uses authentic African voices to inspire and empower, producing live programmes that offer fresh perspectives and highlight relatable examples of struggle, resilience, progress, brilliance and excellence to change Africa’s narrative on the continent and on the global stage.

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All of Africa Global Radio’s shows are available to listen to live or to playback at your own convenience.
Beyond that, in collaboration with fantastic podcasters across Global Africa, a pool of podcasts are available to be enjoyed. Gain compelling insights and knowledge across an array of subjects and experiences.

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Absolutely not! We are interested in collaborating with like minded people across the globe who are interested in telling positive, compelling narratives on Global Africa. We are very much interested in collaborating with African Diasporans and those who are ‘Africa Conscious’.

Africa Global Radio is ready to engage in collaborative Audio & Video productions and events to create compelling, positive, solution focused content on the Global African/ Black Experience.

We partner with Creatives, African excellence in Business, Arts Organisations, Media Houses & Agencies, Universities, Social Enterprises, Development agencies etc. across the continent, and in the Diaspora that serve our shared audience.

We invite partnerships with Black Content Creators to contribute to the Africa Global Radio Platform by sharing perspectives, blogs, articles, poems, proverbs, photos, paintings, fashion & design, music play-lists and share stories of struggle, resilience, progress and brilliance.

We offer competitive prices for partners to promote their events and brands on our flagship programmes and across Africa Global Radio’s platforms. You can feature live on the Africa Daily show, Arts Africa or Ghana Business Daily and access AGR’s global audience. Not only do AGR convert our live shows into podcasts, we supply audio and video content on your brand, enabling you to share on your online platforms and other targeted online communities ensuring limitless visibility and the opportunity to demonstrate your brand’s value and increase your customer base.

We curate compelling and inspiring Black content and push and promote it across AGR platforms. We need more African voices telling Africa’s story. We welcome content creators who wish to widen their audience reach and who wish to be part of changing the narrative on Africa mission. Be part!

AGR offers technical support through our studio services to ensure that your podcast has great sound and great master mixing to ensure the perfect execution to your passion project to increase your potential customer base. We also offer the opportunity to explore integrating your podcast into AGR’s programme schedule.

We produce top quality business videos to create more brand awareness in order to increase your customer base.

We produce top end digital flyers for businesses for our advertising space on our Buy Africa feature, a global African marketplace where AGR website users can access information about your fantastic product or service as well as promote it directly to targeted markets.

We also promote businesses in Ghana on Ghana Business Daily. We think it is of great value to project and promote valuable experiences and perspectives of entrepreneurs in Ghana and project it to business audiences attracted to Africa and connected to Ghana. Be part!

We love to partner with businesses and outfits busy contributing to Africa’s growth. We produce a variety of content – podcasts, video features and digital flyers, that clearly demonstrates progress and African excellence to grow your customer base and to inspire Africa’s youth. We believe promoting African excellence motivates Africans across the continent and diaspora to become consumers and emulators.

We enhance authentic brand narratives through diverse content creation which humanise big brands who show tremendous business acumen and are committed to giving back by inspiring and empowering. We show the “how?” to inspire and empower relevant audiences.

More awareness, more supporters, more customers.
Let us show your innovation, progress and brilliance and how you are impacting. Be part of our Changing Africa’s narrative mission.